About US


For the past decade, Nice has been recognized as a preferred provider in the industry of interior design and furniture manufacturing.

Nice wishes to draw the customer’s interest in our three prominent competences. First, all office systems are designed with philosophy in mind – people. The second is ergonomics. Everything we use from furniture to space – saving filing equipment supports the free flow of human endeavor and creativity. Finally – functionality! Designs are around a person’s habits, movements and intuition.


Nice’s motto

A Nice interior project means all furniture elements must communicate the best and can lift the customer’s business higher.


Undertaking comprehensive full-packaged projects

offering made-to-order services, both unique interior design and implementation

Providing customized furniture products in the cost effective way

Setting up the M&E systems

Satisfying customer’s needs at the extent to which a working space is not only practical but also artistic

Scanning the globe for the most general interior trends and insights so as to deliver g’local new designs to customer’s


Nice is moving towards a leading group of providers of interior designs and furniture products.

Nice’s bright success will inevitably be associated with its greenbiz and CSR activities.

Core Values

Just as Nice specializes in the New Interior with Cost Effciency, we guarantee the following core features truly perceived by the customers.

Products: An all-in-one portfolio gives the customer the freedom of choice

Quality: All products are of premier quality in design and manufacturing, and combine functionality and durability.

Service: Dealing with customers’ issues with a quality service promptly and efficiently

Guarantees: Carrying a product guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship

Environment: Inspiring respect for the environment and openrating formal systems that covers legal and regulatory compliance

Supply: Preferred products are available on the customers’ request

Pricing: Customers’ choice of NICE products means absolute cost efficiency